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Manufacturing Process: The HOW

At EMU Energy we have an enthusiastic and experienced estimating and design team dedicated to preparing and submitting accurate and functional quotations specific to the requirements of each individual project. In preparation of our quotations we access the functionality of the switchboards, their specific requirements including IP ratings, locations, metering, cable entries and conformity with the engineers overall design intent. Our team commences submissions by preparing initial design concepts which are discussed and scrutinised to ensure they conform to the documentation received. Assessment of complexity and time lines for submission are taken into account to ensure quotations are released to the client on time or sooner. As part of our estimating process we make it a priority to follow up on our submissions to confirm we have interpreted the requirements correctly and always accept feedback with enthusiasm. In submitting offers on or before time we leave a window of opportunity to adjust our quotations if our client sees the necessity.

As we move forward and have been awarded a project our final suggested designs commence preparation. We initiate this process with in depth discussions with our client in order to understand how they intend to reticulate cabling in and out of each switchboard. Generally we find ACTEW/AGL have a preliminary main supply design prepared which governs the capacity required at the new Main Switchboard. Close attention is given to the maximum demand and loadings for each final distribution switchboard which in turn adds to the capacity required at the MSB. Taking all this into consideration our design and drafting team set to work to prepare work shop drawings for approval. These drawings as prepared are checked by the designer and an independent person deliberately excluded from this process to ensure major or minor detail is not over looked. We endeavour to prepare and submit our drawings in a quick and timely manner which gives our client and the engineer sufficient time to review and return with comments and approvals.

In accepting a new project we always enquire as to the construction program and delivery schedule required. We see it as a very important part of our service to be fully aware of scheduling and delivery dates for the project. We pride ourselves in meeting each timeline and date, we believe this is a major and important goal on every project be it large or small.

Upon approval to proceed with manufacture we issue the project to our sheet metal supervisor who in turn places it into production. Close and frequent monitoring of its progress in metal manufacture ensures the design is adhered to and quality is maintained at a high level. Attention to quality of metal finish is of paramount priority ensuring final presentation of the switchboard is acceptable and pleasing. Once finished in sheet metal manufacture pre paint inspections are undertaken ensuring no reworks or poor finishes are over looked. Cleaning and preparation for powder coating commences and checked thoroughly prior to release to ensure a quality finish is achieved.

Prior to final fit out all electrical components are ordered to ensure a smooth transition from metal manufacture to final assembly. Equipment is procured which

conforms to the specified designs nominated by the engineer. As delivery of equipment commences it is quarantined prior acceptance, accessed for compliance and job

binned ready for issue to electrical assembly.

Final fit out commences and initial discussions with the electrical fitter ensure a full understanding of the requirements of the switchboard’s design and final functionality. Close monitoring of its progress enable us to access the finer details of construction ensuring compliance with relative standards and suitability for cable connections. Attention to the functionality of cable connection provisions are a high priority ensuring ease of terminations for our client. If minor changes are made these are marked up on the working drawings progressively which form the basis of our As-Built documentation.

Once our fitter announces his completion of the project we commence a system of three way inspections to ensure each detail of the switchboard is
checked thoroughly. Initial checks are under taken with the fitter and our electrical supervisor cross checking design drawings to the finished product. At
this stage some minor changes may take place prior to electrical testing and confirmation of electrical control circuits. Electrical testing of each switchboard comprises of the following procedures:

  • Visual inspection of all bus bar and cable connections for tightness. Verification of all connections torqued to the correct newton/meter values as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Cross check control schematic diagrams to control wiring installed.
  • Insulation resistance testing of all bus bar supports and cable insulation within the switchboard, test values expected to be a minimum 1 mega ohm.
  • High potential injection testing on bus bar and support systems to 2KV for one minute, leakage test values expected to be less than 1 mA.
  • Re-test of insulation resistance post High Pot test due to electrical stresses imposed.
  • Low voltage testing and confirmation of control circuits and programming of digital devices.

Check sheet documentation is completed as this process proceeds prior to final Quality Assurance release can be granted.

Quality release is undertaken by an independent person who overviews the entire switchboard, cross checking the initial inspections and further final finishes. Release for delivery is granted and steps towards the timely delivery of the switchboard commence.

In completing and finalizing a project As-Built documentation commences as a high priority. Final Single Line Diagrams and control circuit schematics are first to be completed to ensure no confusion to the client once they have taken delivery of the switchboard. In addition to drawings we provide copies of all our internal quality check sheets and test reports including technical data in electronic format for the client to insert into their final maintenance manuals. We also provide a guide to maintenance procedures for the on-going ensured reliability of the switchboards.

EMU Energy warrants the replacement and or serviceability of all equipment and workmanship of our switchboards for a period of twelve (12) months. Our Defects Liability period commences from the date of receipt of delivery to site and is specific to all switchboards supplied to a project. Please retain all delivery dockets for your records.

Emu Energy Services

We are known for our dedication to providing the most challenging of jobs the right solution.

Emu Energy Services

We are known for our dedication to providing the most challenging of jobs the right solution.